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    WIN IMAGINATION ADVERTISEMENT MEDIA LTD is the service marketing platform in the era of Internet + Big data . It was set up in April 2009, The headquarters is located in Nanjing which is the capital of Jiangsu province in China. We have the famous organizations of “ Zuke attract investment”/ “Wechat outsourcing “/ “Big Data of Win-Imagination “ / “ Big Template “ / “ Win-imagination outbound” etc , Also we have established the subsidiary corporation or office in Beijing / Shanghai / Guangzhou etc .

    For ten years developing rapidly , our company owns the marketing teams and technology supporting groups of hundreds of peoples . We receive hundreds of consulting for marketing per day, And we could phone the customers one hundred thousands times per month, And could set up the meetings more than one thousand times per year. We served for more than ten thousands of enterprises , Such as the China telecom / State Grid / Alibaba / “Puhua yongdao “/ Citibank / Mobil Lubricant / Hitachi / Panasonic / King One Golden etc . Almost half of the Fortune Global 500 companies is our customers.

    Our company insist on the service idea that served by the marketing effect , Help successful business on the downstream and upstream marketing places. Serve for all the companies marketing places . We could help enterprises to solve the difficulty for the marketing / and difficulty for the places and the difficulty for transfer . We have served for tens of trades and ten thousands of enterprises ,We is the leader organization with the trade value and brand for big data marketing

    Business Idea: The supernal customer, Whole-hearted service

    Corporate position: The enterprises data marketing operator ,the global big data production ecological service business .

    Business vision: The domestic first-class and leading international famous marketing & service organization.

    Company values: Insight / Create / Win together/ Loving


    Company members

    • MaTao

      General manager
      Ma Tao

    • Jin Nannan

      Deputy General Manager
      Jin Nannan

    Business Overview

    Business overview

    • One-stop marketing attached investment outsourcing

      Consult and plan the business models , Consult and plan the brand marketing
      Plan professional Promotion Conference, Matching to success online and offline

    • Wechat outsourcing service

      Manage the wechat group , Do business on Wechat , Whole case of wechat outsourcing.

    • Exact Big data marketing service platform

      Business data marketing service platform
      Customers data marketing service platform

    • Electric Business Helping Running

      Do solution for the electric business developing , Help operating electric business for store.
      Promotion marketing online.

    • Marketing Call center outsourcing

      Marketing by telephone , Sales by telephone , inviting by telephone
      Getting feed back from customer , Investing for satisfactions.

    • Marketing service on exact catching the customers

      Pay for performance
      Cooperation model: CPM, CPL , CPA


    Our customer


    Case appreciation


    Staff style

    Contact with us

    Contact us

    General headquarters In Nanjing

    Address : Putong Building 2, Taixi Road Pukou district

    Tel: 400-960-8199 86-025-86220190/ 57070580

    Branch company in Beijing

    Add: The Green ground Centre Square Tongzhou in Beijing.

    Tel: 400-960-819986-010-53916703

    Branch company in Shanghai

    Add: No 391, Qingsong Road, Qingpu district , Shanghai.

    Tel: 400-960-819986-021-39728056

    Branch company in Guangzhou

    Add: Dongying Commercial Park , Tianhe district ,Guangzhou.

    Tel: 400-960-8199 86-020-89563119

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